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The Operation

  • The vas deferens is the tube which runs from each testicle to the penis, hence the name vasectomy

  • As there is a vas on each side, both will need to be cut

  • The “No-Scalpel” technique uses a diathermy instrument (electrosurgery) and is the preferred method due to its low rate of infection and bruising

  • The procedure is performed by first examining the area to make sure the procedure can be done

  • An injection of a local anaesthetic is given to the middle of the scrotum and the vas using a very fine needle

  • The vas is fixed using a special pair of ring forceps, and a small split is made in the skin (less than 1cm) and the vas is hooked out and approximately 2cm is destroyed using the diathermy and the vas is divided

  • This is then repeated on the other side through the same split

  • In most cases there is very little bleeding and no stitches are required; however 1 in 100 cases may require a stitch

  • Having a vasectomy has no effect on a man’s sex drive as this depends on Testosterone (the male sex hormone) which is produced by the testes and enters the blood stream directly. 

  • Ejaculation should not be affected as semen, which accounts for most of the ejaculate liquid, is produced by the seminal vesicles.

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