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How To Submit Your Postal Semen Sample

After your procedure you were given a semen sample pack. This is needed to find out if the vasectomy has been successful and is effective. Until you have had the results of your semen sample, you must continue using contraception. One semen sample analysis is included within the price of the procedure.


The following steps need to be followed: 


  1. The sample should be collected at least 16 weeks after surgery and aim for a minimum of 24 ejaculations within this time period.

  2. You should not ejaculate (intercourse or masturbate) for at least 2 days before the test. 

  3. You should also not go without ejaculating (intercourse or masturbation) for more than 7 days before the test.  

  4. Check the bottle has all your correct details. You must complete the sample date and time on the bottle and the Request Form. Then sign and date the Request Form.

  5. Please ensure the whole ejaculate is collected into the sample bottle provided, ideally early in the morning.

  6. Carefully screw the cap tight, and place it into the Transport Container, and seal securely. Place the Transport Container into the Transport Bag and seal.

  7. Place the Request Form into the pouch in the Transport Bag, and place everything into the pre paid postal envelope.

  8. You must post the envelope as soon as possible in to a Royal Mail Post Box. 

The microbiologists will look at the sample using a microscope. Dr Al-Ausi will then analyse the information. The sample needs to demonstrate an absence of any sperm.

As most operations are successful you will usually receive an email confirming that the sperm count is clear and that other forms of contraception can be abandoned. You may alternatively receive an email with further instructions to repeat the sample which you will need to pay for.

If you do not hear from Dr Al-Ausi within 2 weeks after you submit your sample please email 

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