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How To Submit Your Live Semen Sample

This is needed to find out if the vasectomy has been successful and is effective. Until you have had the results of your semen sample, you must continue using contraception.


The following steps need to be followed: 


  1. The sample should be collected at least 12 weeks after surgery and aim for a minimum of 20 ejaculations within this time period.

  2. You should not ejaculate (intercourse or masturbate) for at least 3 days before the test. 

  3. You should also not go without ejaculating (intercourse or masturbation) for more than 6 days before the test.  

  4. 12 weeks after your vasectomy you need to ring Stepping Hill Microbiology on 0161 419 4491 between the hours of 9-12 and 2-5, Monday to Friday to make your appointment to submit your sperm sample at Stepping Hill Hospital.

  5. You must take it as soon as possible and within 1 hour, along with the request form to: Pathology Reception, Stepping Hill Hospital, Poplar Grove, Stockport, SK2 7JE 

  6. There is a free 20 minute drop off parking zone outside the pathology building.

  7. Write the time and date of when the sample was produced on the bottle and request form.  Try to keep the sample warm, for example in your pocket.

  8. If you do not live locally, please collect another sample bottle from the pathology reception for future use, only required if you need to repeat the test.  

The microbiologists will look at the sample using a microscope. Dr Al-Ausi will then analyse the information. The sample needs to demonstrate an absence of live and motile sperm.

As most operations are successful you will usually receive an email confirming that the sperm count is clear and that other forms of contraception can be abandoned. Occasionally you may alternatively receive an email with further instructions to repeat the sample. This may be because of an unlabelled bottle, a bottle that has leaked, a processing error at the lab, or that the sample is not clear yet.

If you do not hear from Dr Al-Ausi within 2 weeks after you submit your sample please email 

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