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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any after effects to the procedure?

    • Most patients have some mild discomfort with some mild bruising or swelling.

    • Significant haematomas (bruises and collections of blood) develop in about 1% of patients using this technique. These usually settle spontaneously in a few weeks without further intervention. Rarely surgical drainage of haematoma in hospital is necessary.

    • In about 1% of patients an infection develops. This usually comes from within, as semen is naturally infected. A course of an antibiotic usually settles this.

    • There is a small incidence of long term pain after vasectomy, the reason for this not known but as vasectomy is an elective procedure one should be aware of this.

  2.  What is the failure rate for the procedure?

    • The failure rate is very small and is quoted as 1 in 1000.

    • Nature has a tendency to try and repair the ends of the vas. This is a far smaller failure rate than female sterilization.

  3.  Does the operation hurt?

    • Most patients should be relatively pain free.

    • Some patients are sensitive to the pulling sensation as the testicles are moved, but this cannot be avoided. This may feel like a dragging sensation or stomach ache

  4.  How long till I can go back to work?

    • For 24 hours after vasectomy one should rest.

    • For office work you should be able to return within a few days

    • For manual work you should be able to return after one week

  5.  How long does the procedure take?

    • The appointment takes 30 minutes in total

    • The actual operating time is only 5-6 minutes

  6. Can a No-Scalpel Vasectomy be reversed?

    • Yes but reversal is a much more complicated procedure and success cannot be guaranteed.

    • Generally the longer you have had your vasectomy the less likely a reversal will be successful.

    • If you are thinking about the possibility of reversal or of sperm storage then you should not consider having a vasectomy done in the first place.

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