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After The Operation

  • For 24 hours after your vasectomy you should:

    • completely rest

    • apply a cold compress to the scrotum for 10 minutes every 2-3 hours e.g. ice in a tea towel or a bag of frozen peas; this will help reduce any swelling and bruising

    • take paracetamol which should be sufficient for any discomfort

    • wear tight fitting underpants day and night which also helps reduce bleeding and bruising

    • have a shower the following day

  • For 48 hours after your vasectomy you should:

    • not drink any alcohol as this will increase your risk of bleeding and bruising

  • For 1 week after your vasectomy you must NOT do any:

    • manual work or heavy lifting

    • sports

    • bathing or swimming

  • For 2 weeks after your vasectomy you must NOT:

    • cycle, ride or do contact sports

    • ejaculate, have sex or masturbate because if sperm leaks out of the cut ends of the vas before it has healed it can lead to painful nodules which can possibly cause the ends of the vas to rejoin

  • 16 weeks after your vasectomy you must produce a sperm sample for testing

    • you will receive an automatic email 16 weeks after the procedure with further instructions

    • some patients may take longer to produce a clear sample and a repeat sample may be required

  • At any point after the procedure Dr Al-Ausi can be contacted

    • by calling 01614261819 in case urgent advice is needed

    • by arranging a follow up appointment if examination is required

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